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Violin classes in Hyderabad

SLV Music Academy Provides Best Violin classes in Hyderabad. Violin has become an important musical instrument in Indian Music and Western music. Violin has been imbibed into carnatic music nearly 200 years ago. Initially it was used as an accompanying instrument and later it was extended to solo performance as well.

Carnatic music is primarily a vocal oriented music. It is adorned when vocals are accompanied with an instrument. It has been postulated that violin suites more than any other instrument for an accompaniment.

Best Violin classes in Hyderabad Hence, violin plays a prominent role in carnatic music. There has been a lot of progress made by many great artists in terms of style and methodology in which carnatic music is played on Violin. Since then, the artistry of playing carnatic music on violin has been blossoming. This Page is a humble attempt to prepare a vade mecum which introduces you to the history of Violin, the prodigious musicians/composers of carnatic music and the great violin artisans of the yester years. This Page also comprises of a methodology in holding and playing which is prepared from the opinions and suggestions of great vidwans and from an eclectic collection from various compendiums on violin.