Grade Exams

Grade Exams Eligibility

  1. Age limit 6years and above for any
  2. Any student pursuing music, dance and instruments courses can No academic qualification needed.
  3. Gradation scales are from 1 to A student can apply for any grade directly based on their level of performance as advised by their teacher.
  4. The grade will be decided by the respective
  5. Examination will be conducted in various
  6. Grade skipping is allowed only till Grade

Exam Pattern

Theory: 100 Marks and Practical: 100 Marks (Grade 1 to 9)

  1. Distinction: 140 Above
  2. First Class: 120 Above
  3. Second Class: 90 Above
  4. Third Class: 70 Above


Students will be awarded SLV Music Academy’s grade certificate after the completion of Grade Exams.

Exam Assessment and Pattern

  1. Carnatic Vocal practical marks   will   be   based   on   Sruthi,    Thalam, Swarasthanam and over all
  2. Kuchipudi practical marks based on Arai mandi, footwork according to thalam and overall
  3. After the examinations, teacher can contact examiners to know about the performance of their
  4. Practical: 100 marks and Theory: 100 marks for grade 1 to 9.
  5. Only Bit paper (Match the following, filling in the blanks, Choose the correct Answer, one-word Answers) for Grade 1 to Grade No theory
  6. Previous grades will be conducted along with the present grade

Carnatic Music & Instruments

  1. Carnatic Music Exam students should bring their own individual Shruthi box with
  2. Students who have applied for Instruments for grade exam should bring their own instrument and students who bring electric instruments should bring their own battery for the
  3. Dress Code:

For Girls: Traditional Dress (Pattulanga or Half Saree or Saree) For Boys: Jippa or Kurtha.

Kuchipudi Dance

  1. Kuchipudi students should be accompanied by their teachers to do
  2. Dress Code: Practice saree is Simple stud, jimmiki and bangles.

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