Step into the world of dance and let your body express the beauty and grace of movement. At SLV Music, we offer a variety of dance programs that cater to different styles and traditions. Whether you’re drawn to the classical elegance of Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam or the dynamic energy of Western Dance and Zumba, our experienced instructors are here to guide you on your dance journey.


Experience the mesmerizing art of Kuchipudi, a classical dance form originating from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. At SLV Music, we offer specialized training in Kuchipudi, focusing on intricate footwork, graceful movements, storytelling expressions, and emotive gestures. Our dedicated faculty will teach you the core elements of Kuchipudi, including adavus (basic steps), jathis (rhythmic sequences), and abhinaya (expressive storytelling). Join us to explore the cultural richness and vibrant traditions of Kuchipudi.


Immerse yourself in the ancient art of Bharatanatyam, one of the most revered classical dance forms of India. At SLV Music, our Bharatanatyam program is designed to help you master the precise footwork, intricate hand gestures, powerful expressions, and rhythmic complexities of this traditional dance style. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the nuances of adavus, mudras (hand gestures), abhinaya (emotional interpretation), and repertoire compositions. Discover the grace, discipline, and spirituality of Bharatanatyam with SLV Music.

Western Dance

Get ready to groove to the beats of Western Dance at SLV Music. From contemporary and jazz to hip-hop and freestyle, our Western Dance program offers a diverse range of styles and techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, our skilled instructors will teach you fundamental movements, choreography, body isolations, and musicality. Join our classes to enhance your flexibility, coordination, and stage presence, and embrace the dynamic world of Western Dance.


Let the rhythm take over and experience the joy of Zumba at SLV Music. Zumba is a high-energy fitness dance workout that combines Latin and international music with fun dance movements. Our Zumba classes are led by certified instructors who will guide you through exhilarating routines that will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and tone your body. Get ready to dance, sweat, and have a blast while achieving your fitness goals with Zumba at SLV Music.

Enrichment Activities: In addition to our specialized dance programs, SLV Music offers various enrichment activities to enhance your dance experience, including:

  • Dance Workshops: Join our workshops conducted by renowned dancers and choreographers from around the world. Learn new styles, explore innovative choreography, and broaden your dance horizons.
  • Dance Performances: Showcase your talent and grace the stage at our regular dance recitals and community events. Experience the thrill of performing in front of an audience and share your passion for dance.
  • Dance Fitness Classes: Stay fit and have fun with our dance fitness classes. Dance your way to fitness through energetic routines and dynamic movements that will keep you motivated and energized.

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”

A.R. Rahman

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