Music schools in Hyderabad

SLV Music schools in Hyderabad.To fulfill the needs of students we offer numerous music courses and we are now looking forward to deliver different courses. We want to implement some changes in the way music is taught. We to enrich our students with the latest and advances techniques and technologies in learning music. Several music programs have been designed by highly experienced and regarded artists and contemporaries.

Our staff members are experts and they have ample experience with both the instruments and students. They participate in various events conducted in and around the city.

Course name Department Semester
Fusion-Dance Dance
Dolak Instruments
Mrudangam Instruments
Tabala Instruments
Violin Instruments
Flute Instruments
Veena Instruments
Jas Drums Instruments
Electronic Pad Instruments
Guitar Instruments
Keyboard Instruments
Bharathanatyam Dance
Kuchipudi Dance Dance
Fusion-Music Music
Hindustani Vocal Music
Film music training Music
Light music Music
Karnatic Vocal Music