SLV Music Academy

SLV Music Academy’s 9-grade system is a visionary framework for nurturing the essence of Indian Fine Arts – Music, Dance, and Art. Within this structured system, we not only standardize the syllabus but also provide a rigorous method for evaluating and certifying proficiency in these exquisite art forms.

Our academy takes great pride in adopting the 9-grade system, which serves as a bridge, connecting the world of learning with the realm of certification. It does so without compromising the time-honored legacy of Indian arts. In this pursuit, we join a global community of dedicated teachers and institutions, collectively working to ensure that these precious traditions are not only safeguarded but also made accessible to enthusiasts worldwide.

At SLV Music Academy, we are committed to preserving and promoting the beauty and depth of Indian Fine Arts through the implementation of this comprehensive 8-grade system. It is a testament to our dedication to art, culture, and education.

SLV Music Academy is a prestigious institution specializing in media studies and fine arts, offering a wide range of University Diploma and Degree programs. We prioritize delivering top-quality education and fostering talent among aspiring artists and media enthusiasts. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our dedication to nurturing creative and academic achievements within our institution.

Our pledge

I pledge today to do my best in learning and practicing music.

I am feeling very proud that I am a student of SLV Music Academy.

I promise to obey the rules of SLV Music Academy.

I will respect myself, my fellow musicians and tutors.

I will expect the best in all I do.

I am here to learn all I can.

We at SLV Music Academy provide professional learning and friendly environment for people with no age limit for various fields of arts like Music, Dance and various Instruments with diversified courses.


To help students Enrich, Enjoy, Excel in Music, Dance and Fine Arts


To Standardize syllabus for various arts forms leading to 9 grade system.