8 Grade System

Grading System

Its a process of applying standardized measuring system at varying levels of achievement in a course. In the world of education, tutors are instrumental in sustaining music and other forms of fine arts for generations. Each school has a unique way of teaching and customized syllabus yet, to see success one needs to follow a systematic jobitel.com approach and rationale. A process based education with appropriate https://xjobs.org certification based on merit.

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Carnatic Vocal

Grade 1 – 4 : Junior Diploma

Grade 5 – 6:  Senior Diploma(B.A)

Grade 7 – 8:  M.A

Kuchipudi Dance

Grade 1 – 4 : Junior Diploma

Grade 5 – 6:  Senior Diploma(B.A)

Grade 7 – 8:  M.A


  • Initial Grade
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8

For Teachers:

For ages, our culture has placed teachers above GOD and revered them through Guru Shishya Parampara. Teachers today are chosen by the parents mostly on their popularity.  The process of grading system of students trained by the teachers will stand testimony to the teaching skills of the individual teacher or the institution. Teachers can use the grade exams as a motivating factor to make the students strive harder, which does not happen generally in a non-competitive environment. The Grade certificates will make room for healthy competition among the students. The interaction with the music and fine arts community will help the teachers and institutions resulting in knowledge sharing. The teachers benefit through various interactive sessions, seminars and orientation programs organized by SLV Music Academy within the community.  Grade exams will ensure that students interest  levels will increase and have a conitinuity for a longer term.

For Parents:

Yes, Academic education is necessity to one’s life but in reality diversified education is also important.  There is a hidden skill or talent in every child where a parent needs to identify it and groom in a right direction. We at SLV Music Academy  has the expertise in Music, Dance and fine arts designed the grading system in such a way which will help parents to identify and show the path to their children else the efforts of parents will go in-vain and talent of the children is unrecognized. The continuity of learning art forms is influenced by the academic goals of the parents. The children are rarely given liberty to know and showcase their interests in art forms and pursue them along with academics. For unbiased rating of performance, the grading system is imperative.

For Students:

In the absence of Grading system, in those days students with years of learning and high skills fail to get recognized. Since most of the students are first generation learners, the parents are unable to understand or assess the talent level of their own child. Due to lack of knowledge and skill, parents are baffled and children are confused to propose their interests with parents in music, dance and fine arts. SLV Music Academy acts as a bridge to fill the gap between the passion of children and perception of parents with customized “8 GRADE SYSTEM”.

With “8 Grade System”, students of SLV Music Academy will be able to prove themselves and show talent to their parents and convince them to pursue and achieve future goals in the chosen art forms. Top performers from each specialization in 8 Grade System will be chosen center-wise and will get opportunity to participate in District and State level competitions. Winners of State level competition will enter the HALL OF FAME. The winners will be honored by Great legends which show a path to become a professional in the field of fine arts.

Eligibility, Assessment & Pattern:

  • One should have at least 6 years of age to start any grade. Birth date proof is required.
  • Students can apply for any art form like music, dance and fine arts in any grade based on their level of competence which will be decided by the professionals in the academy.
  • No academic qualification is required.
  • An entrance examination will be conducted for Grade Assessment for new students.
  • Frequent assessment tests will be conducted in various centers for the students which is mostly practicals and will be judged by the panel of examiners. Some streams will have theory also.
  • Grade exams will be conducted twice in a year.

Grade 1 – 4 : Junior Diploma – 6 – 14 years

Grade 5 – 6:  Senior Diploma(B.A) – 15 years and above (10+2)

Grade 7 – 8:  M.A – 18 years and above (Senior Diploma + Any Degree)